House to Home: STORAGE

The last three months have been uneventful yet exciting. I stayed home for most of it, turning our new house into our new home. Still quite a lot of work going on but I’m happy just to walk thru the rooms, enjoying the little areas of interest we’ve created so far.

Transforming an old run-down house into a new one is no small feat. It took us a whole lot of time, energy and resources. But, it’s all worth it! And even as there’s still work going on… it does feel like home now.

I’ve learned throughout the long process, so many nuggets of wisdom that applies to new homeowners as well as to those looking to renovate or even just redecorate. I’m sharing what we’ve learned from our own experience, having little professional help. Hubby and I transformed this old house with the help of skilled workers. We planned the rooms according to our lifestyle. That was our priority, before any influences like trends or decorating rules. Customizing the house to our needs and wants also made us realize much about ourselves.

One thing that really took priority before we started knocking down walls and building new spaces was STORAGE.

I’m not claiming to be an expert at anything here. I learned from experience having come from our smaller starter house and the rental house where our things were piled up in boxes and crammed uncategorized into any space that could hide the mess from plain view. I’m not a neat freak but I appreciate having a proper place for everything. Most built-to-sell houses don’t really include proper storage provisions. So when we had the opportunity to plan for whatever we needed this house to have, first on my list had to be storage!

  • laundry room with cubby holes and shelves
  • cabinetry for tools and supplies: cleaning, gardening, dog care
  • pantry room
  • more kitchen cabinetry for: entertaining paraphernalia, cocktail bar
  • closet for coats, transition items, guests’ things
  • closet for hobby items, guest linens and bath supplies
  • linen closet
  • home office storage for files and supplies
  • walk-in-closet
  • provisions for hair and beauty supplies
  • organizers for small fashion accessories
  • storage room for occasional outdoor furniture and accessories

And if you’re anywhere near my age, you might be familiar with this scene from the TV sitcom, “Friends”, on Monica’s secret closet!

That’s on my list too – a secret storage room for uncategorized and rarely used things, including winter clothing and seasonal décor. For borderline hoarders like me, this space is absolutely essential!

  • Secret storage room

I realize that storage provisions need more space and not everyone has the luxury of space. But, with so many storage solutions available now plus a bit of disciplined shopping… it’s possible to keep an organized home.

What we learned about ourselves, hubby and I, was that we both think in terms of the flow of our daily activities. Hubby actually did a walk thru in each room, making sure that the storage spaces are properly positioned. For example, in the kitchen, he would get things from the fridge, and note what comes natural to him… he’d turn and where his hands would go would be the spot where a countertop should be. I’d get up from the dining table and reach for a wine glass, a bottle of wine, a foil cutter and a corkscrew. So that space had to be the side of the kitchen island that would double as a cocktail bar.

So, again, first on the list was STORAGE. I couldn’t focus on aesthetics until I was sure that all the clutter would be out of plain sight!

There you go… that’s what’s kept me from posting here for the last couple of months. I’ve been consumed by closets!


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