More than a collection: My Vintage Glassware obsession


It all started with this piece: my Grandma Vi’s Glasbake casserole with the cutest fin-handled lid.

Mom was cleaning out her dusty cupboards and this caught my eye! She gladly gave it to me since it hasn’t seen the light of day for decades.

There are many reasons why people collect vintage things. I started from that warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. My Grandma isn’t around anymore so having this is my kitchen makes me feel like she’s watching over me whenever I cook (hold the salt!).

There were other pieces too that my mom let me keep but this one just made everything else fade in the background. I’ve never seen this shape before and never heard of the brand “Glasbake”. Nevertheless, it’s priceless to me because my Grandma lovingly cooked and served yummy dishes for the family with this even before I was born. That’s reason enough for me to keep it close to my heart.

So I started collecting vintage glassware rising out of nostalgia, then realized I’m doing the earth a favor by reusing things that would’ve been thrown out to add to the world’s ever growing pile of trash! As cliche as it sounds “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is so spot on!

Add to that, my preference for less mass produced things. I like having things you can’t just easily grab from a store shelf and place in your shopping cart. The pieces in my collection are all discontinued. They can be found in estate sales, auction shops, flea markets, or someone else’s basement.

Growing this collection means having the patience to wait and look for good quality pieces, and most importantly, a good deal! It also takes an inquisitive mind to research origins and history of manufacturers and patterns. I find value in knowing that there’s a story behind each piece. It isn’t just scanning a barcode and checking out at the cashier in the mall. It takes so much more than cash in your pocket to grow this collection.

My hubby appreciates this new obsession with kitchen nostalgia. Maybe not because the pieces are hard to find or cute but more because I’m inspired to keep learning in the kitchen! At the end of the day, it all boils down to having a happy wife tinkering in the kitchen and his happy tummy!

This collection made me realize that I’m a bit old fashioned! Yes, I had a great career in retail merchandising that lasted 20 years and I am strongly opinionated and speak my mind fiercely like a “modern” woman does. But, at home, in my kitchen – I aspire to be like my grandma and my mom! Yup, I even want those vintage aprons they used to wear! Nothing makes my day quite like seeing my hubby smile and enjoy his dinner!


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