Cat Walkin’ the Cat Talk!

Late last year, I wrote about yet another (yes, ANOTHER) obsession: Cat Eye Glasses. Rocked my new-and-trying-to-look-vintage Miu Miu eyeglasses since then. Stubborn as anything, I just can’t put down the gadgets so I keep straining my eyes. Getting good mileage out of this pair for sure! It’s a rather robust piece, having fallen from my head too many times! The only time I don’t wear them is when I sleep, bathe, and stare out into the vast green view from our veranda. Poor little beat up Miu!

Having been busy collecting vintage kitchen stuff… I stumbled once again into vintage eyewear. I remembered I wanted the real deal! Fascinating that what I’m attracted to are from the same era as the glassware and serving pieces I’ve been collecting: the fifties!

I am so lusting for these!!!






Drool, drool, drool!

I showed these images to my hubby and he says “won’t those make you look old?”… What? I was thinking more like Sir Elton John quirky. It’s not like I’ll be wearing these with a beehive coiffure, full circle skirts and a 21″ waist! The skirt and beehive, maybe… But 21” will remain my thigh circumference unless we put surgery on the table! My waist can dream on. Haha!

Note to self… Keep growing my hair. Do high buns not beehives. Keep working on my tan! I’m reinventing the stereotype that wearing cat eyes is for the “old” and geeky. Wait! I am geeky! Garden geek… Vintage geek…

Ok. Old and geeky it is… But, always fabulous! Now we’re talking! 🙂


One comment

  1. Cat eye is sooooo chic:) I wanna hav them too:)

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