orifice invasion – the new appetite suppressant!

This one is rather cute.

This one is rather cute. Makes me want to get some potassium fix.

Is it just me? Or is this fad of sticking out tongues just disgusting? Pardon the monkey… he or she probably didn’t intend to be posted in a blog, and definitely not in Facebook. The monkey’s just being… a monkey.

I totally get how cute toddlers and tweeners can be when they pose with their tongues out in photos. Cute as buttons!

Teens… funny and still a bit cute. Maybe not just cute for pedophiles and other sickos out there.

Twenties… maybe some can still get away with it.

Thirties and beyond… WHY?

Ok, I know everyone has a right to express themselves, orifices included. But come on!? It’s cringe-fest. Thanks though, to those who insist on harassing everyone with this pose in social media. The images actually work to kill my appetite. Great strategy for dieting. Even my super yummy chewy chocolate chip cookies don’t look so appealing after an assault. It surely does the trick!


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