The Running Skirt: Form + Function!


Everyone I know is into running. They all make it seem so easy. Hubby even runs on bare feet, if not wearing his favorite Vibram Five Fingers. I’m the only person who can’t run!  Not a surprise at all. I’d be a freak of nature if I found it easy. I was born with zero athletic aptitude!

So, I’m not the perfect resource for running attire. But, having recently fallen in love with brisk walking, I realized my gym clothes won’t cut it. Sleeves are too hot! And bottoms below my upper thigh feel too heavy and cumbersome. An entirely new obsession started. Hahaha. Yes, yet another one has just begun! 🙂

My closet now has pants, tees, a few shorts, padded spinning shorts, support tanks (that have yet to fit again), jackets (to complete the look when I used to go to a big gym before office), and some tiny shorts meant for pole dancing classes (another story for later). So yes, I have shorts I can actually use for my walks but… and this is the critical BUT… they are not new like the ones being sold now that have pockets for iPods and whatever else. And so, I started looking for new shorts that have pockets for my iPhone. Why do I need an iPhone while walking? Because I use the Nike + app and I’m crazy about it! So what if I can’t run yet? I still get a kick out of bragging that I walk 5Km everyday!

Back to the new obsession: RUNNING SKIRTS!

Skirts?! Why not? I’ve always hated the fact that I didn’t learn tennis because I love the skirts! I know. Sounds ditsy. But I’m unapologetic about this. Outfits motivate me. That, and the health benefits. Hahaha. Whatever works!

It’s not like I’d wear any short skirt for my walks. Hell no. I am absolutely obsessed with Lululemon‘s line of running skirts! They all come with inner shorts that don’t ride up, plus tons of pockets! Perfection!



Just a slight problem… Lululemon is no longer available in my country. Darn it. Then again, that never stopped me! I’m hoping that I’ve learned how to run by the time my skirts find their way to my closet! 🙂


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