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I am a happily married, doting mom to four extremely anthropomorphized canines, hopelessly addicted to shopping, forever trying to get fit, always itching to travel, obsessed with renovating and decorating, dreaming of the day I can really say that I can cook AND bake! I also recently discovered a passion for gardening!

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My Blog, My Rules!

I blog for fun. This is not a cash cow.

I will only publish my untainted opinion on topics that are of interest to me. I will review requests and provide feedback via email whenever possible. However, I sometimes get overly excited about some topics that might possess me to hit the publish button without sending any notification to the requesting parties. Therefore, to catch the latest features, it’s best to subscribe to my blog via email, rss feed, or LIKE my Facebook Page.

Topics that interest me are:

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  1. Yaz

    NICE! What can I say your passion for plants are beyond amazing. It shows the domestic diva side of you. Oxymoron, domestic and diva just doesn’t go together but for you it does. 🙂
    In any case, I saw a picture of a blueberry that was all dried up. Forgot to mention Becky’s Uncle gave her a blueberry plant. She is taking care of it really well. Only because she LOVES LOVES LOVES blueberries. She eats it like theres no tomorrow. Mom buys her bb all the time, and I freeze them to make bb pancakes, and muffins. I even made sugar free bb pie believe it or not. Mike loved it since he is diabetic. I loved it too, you wouldnt think its sugar free.
    Sorry enough about me. I love your blog. Wheres the picture of the house? Include it here.


  2. Hey Yazzie! Blueberry plant! Wow, Becky has a green thumb already?! So proud! 🙂 I love bbs too! But, here I don’t think the conditions will allow for their optimal growth. Tough to find fresh bbs too. I get frozen packs or canned. Not at all any good! Au buys fresh bbs every time I come visit her in Cali! She knows they are my favorite!
    I’m getting comfortable with this “domestic diva” persona bit by bit. But, I can’t call myself that unless I know how to cook and bake! My cook leaves end of May. I will be forced to wing it! You know what I always remember about our visits to your place??? I know you know it! That’s right! Biscuits and gravy! Naglalaway ako for that! And not just any kind! Only Mikey’s!!! How in the world can I replicate that and calm my rumbling tummy every time I reminisce!?! I’m dead serious, Yaz! It’s the best everrrr!!!

  3. delighted to stumble across your blog, off to read more

  4. Daniella

    What a delight to read!

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